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Photo by Tim Gouw

L’arrivée du Tour, version illustrée par Elodie Adelle

Le site a référencé l’Arrivée du Tour et qualifié les dessins de ‘rough’. C’est un joli euphémisme…suffisant pour me lancer dans la recherche d’illustrateurs pouvant m’aider à réaliser des versions présentables de mes idées. J’ai donc posté ma recherche sur plusieurs sites comme Fiverr, BoardGameGeek, TricTrac, ou encore BDgest. Et c’est ainsi que j’aiContinue reading “L’arrivée du Tour, version illustrée par Elodie Adelle”

L’arrivée du Tour – Elodie Adelle art

As great as it felt to have my board game designs online, my illustrations and artwork still looked terrible, aka ‘rough’ in the words of And I’m pretty sure visitors sprint away from the On Other Boards website faster than they reached it! So I started looking into options to ‘recruit’ artists and/or designersContinue reading “L’arrivée du Tour – Elodie Adelle art”

L’arrivée du Tour – Junior Edition

After finishing l’Arrivée du Tour, I realised there was no chance of playing it with my 6 year-old son, though I’d promised him we’d play a cycling game. So I decided to work on a simplified version of the game to play with him.

Legends of the Sea Nomads

Sea Nomads will be the second episode from the Chronicles of the Num Oluur games trilogy. I am actively working on it and will update the website as soon as it’s available.

Chronicles of the Num Oluur

Storm of the Gods is the first project I am presenting on the blog. The game is set in the imaginary, and quite hostile, world of Num Oluur.

L’Arrivée du Tour

The Tour de France was a pretty big thing when I was growing up and it is somehow associated in my mind with summer holidays, grandparents and my home, Bretagne. Age wise, I am ‘over the hill’ and definitely less enthusiastic about Le Tour as I was as a child.

L’Arrivée du Tour – VF

Le Tour de France est un souvenir important de mon enfance. Je l’associe aux vacances d’été, aux grand-parents et aux retours estivaux sur les côtes bretonnes.

The journey begins

An old slow moving project, a half global confinement…and there you are, ‘On Other Boards’ is going live!

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