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Photo by Tim Gouw

L’arrivée du Tour – Junior Edition

After finishing l’Arrivée du Tour, I realised there was no chance of playing it with my 6 year-old son, though I’d promised him we’d play a cycling game. So I decided to work on a simplified version of the game to play with him.

Sea Nomads

Sea Nomads will be the second episode from the Chronicles of the Num Oluur games trilogy. I am actively working on it and will update the website as soon as it’s available.

Chronicles of the Num Oluur

Storm of the Gods is the first project I am presenting on the blog. The game is set in the imaginary, and quite hostile, world of Num Oluur.

L’Arrivée du Tour

The Tour de France was a pretty big thing when I was growing up and it is somehow associated in my mind with summer holidays, grandparents and my home, Bretagne. Age wise, I am ‘over the hill’ and definitely less enthusiastic about Le Tour as I was as a child.

L’Arrivée du Tour – VF

Le Tour de France est un souvenir important de mon enfance. Je l’associe aux vacances d’été, aux grand-parents et aux retours estivaux sur les côtes bretonnes.

The journey begins

An old slow moving project, a half global confinement…and there you are, ‘On Other Boards’ is going live!

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