Chronicles of the Num Oluur

*French version is here*

*artwork by Jason Chapman is here*

Chapter I: Storm of the Gods

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Game box V1. Very impressive design skills!

Num Oluur, the Playground of the Gods, a hostile world where nomadic tribes wander on arid grounds on which only thrives the Vaal Er Num, a primary and uncontrollable wind. No lasting civilization has emerged in Num Oluur. Until now.

The prophecy says that only a God could have the strength to capture the Vaal Er Num or to build a sanctuary to protect men and allow them to finally live in peace. The Gods of Num Oluur have started a fierce battle to realize this prophecy and take their place at the top of the Pantheon of Num Oluur.

Storm of the Gods is the first project I am presenting on the blog. The game is set in the imaginary, and quite hostile, world of Num Oluur. The Gods of Num Oluur are competing to become the most powerful and adored divinity. Victory can be gained either by capturing an elemental force, Vaal Er Num, or by developing a following capable of building a sanctuary.

The game combines elements of creating a different board each time it is played (not unlike Carcassonne) and a more strategic part of competing with other players. On this second aspect, old school gamers might remember the very excellent Zargos. And if you don’t it is worth checking out!

Reporting live from the battlefield!

As board games are quite possible the very definition of spending time with friends and family, I believe there should also be music involved! Here’s a quick suggestion for a soundtrack for Storm of the Gods:

From the Prelude:

“When our weary world was young
The struggle of the ancients first began
The gods of Love and Reason
Sought alone to rule the fate of Man

They battled through the ages
But still neither force would yield
The people were divided,
Every soul a battlefield…”

To Start Playing….

  • The rules are here!
  • a board example is here. Putting 4 sheets of A4 paper together should give you a reasonably sized board to paly on.
  • You can download model tiles and a Wind Compass, or make your own nicer ones of course!
  • For the pawns, looking around games boxes, cupboards, storing places in your house and your imagination should get you all you need!
  • No 8 sided die? No worries! An online simulator is here, or you can challenge yourself to building one here.

Godspeed and safe journeys through the Storm of the Gods!

Fichier:Tempête et rage. Peinture à l’huile. Mohamed Aib, mai 2001..jpg
Tempête et rage. Peinture à l’huile. Mohamed Aib, mai 2001.

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