Storm of the Gods – Art by Jason Chapman

compass and wind

I came across Jason Chapman’s game art on his Fiverr page. I immediately saw how his minimalist and evocative style could fit with what I was trying to achieve for the Storm of the Gods.

I reached out to him and the result of his work is even better than what I was hoping for!


So here you go, all downloadable elements of the game in the art of Jason Chapman:

  • first of all a proper hex grid
  • a compass, model Vaal Er Num, sanctuaries and constructions here
  • here’s a suggestion for ‘follower pawns’, but you probably have nicer ones hidden somewhere at home :)!

And now, a few tunes to add to the ‘game soundtrack’…

For some reason, I had totally forgotten this band and song. Was it deep down in my memory when I came up with this design. Or was it the other way around?

Also a good soundtrack to the game, since you are playing a God after all:

Thanks Jason Chapman, and again good luck going through the ‘Storm of the Gods’

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