L’arrivée du Tour – Elodie Adelle art

A very ‘bucolique’ stage lies ahead!

As great as it felt to have my board game designs online, my illustrations and artwork still looked terrible, aka ‘rough’ in the words of cyclingboardgames.net. And I’m pretty sure visitors sprint away from the On Other Boards website faster than they reached it!

So I started looking into options to ‘recruit’ artists and/or designers to help make the designs a lot more presentable. I looked into Fiverr, posted on different forums (BoardGameGeek, TricTrac, BDgest) and ended up connecting with a couple of really excellent people. One of them being Elodie Adelle (check out her Instagram, she’s talented!)

All yours to customize with your favourite team!

And here is the result of her work on l’Arrivée du Tour. I think she really captured the feeling I was looking for with the game: clear lines, slightly retro and with a nice layer of nostalgia to it (at least I think so!).

As I’m posting this on the final day of the 2020 Tour, I hope you’ll give this version of the game a try and maybe get to feel some of the excitement this edition has given us all!

You can download the elements here:

Have fun riding your board game bikes everyone!

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