L’arrivée du Tour – Junior Edition

*French version here*

After finishing l’Arrivée du Tour, I realised there was no chance of playing it with my 6 year-old son, though I’d promised him we’d play a cycling game. So I decided to work on a simplified version of the game to play with him.

Trial by fire…

The main ideas and rules of the game are still the same so don’t worry: you should still try to reach the finish line first ;-)!

So what has changed (improved?):

  • you’ll only need one 6-sided die,
  • there are only 2 possible paces: steady and fast ,
  • the pace wheel is simplified for the breakaway and counter mechanisms,
  • and there’s no more terrain conditions (like cycling in the Netherlands!)

Of course the optional rules are still there if you want to introduce complications little by little!

To start playing…

  • The rules are here,
  • You can download the Pace Wheel or make your own,
  • The team management sheets are here in blue, green, yellow et red.
  • Some some race tracks are here and here. And there’s probably quite a few in your imagination as well!
  • A 6-sided die,
  • And a few pawns or tokens for your cyclists and pace wheel!

For the cycling playlist, it’s on the Arrivée du Tour page. Just adding this one, not related at all, but it’s a strong favorite with the kids these days!

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