L’Arrivée du Tour

*French version this way!*

*Version with Elodie Adelle’s artwork is right here!*

The Tour de France was a pretty big thing when I was growing up and it is somehow associated in my mind with summer holidays, grandparents and my home, Bretagne. Age wise, I am ‘over the hill’ and definitely less enthusiastic about Le Tour as I was as a child. Doping, might make you a race winner, but it definitely gets you to the top as a dream breaker…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is raul-alcala.jpg
Raul Alcala, one of the cool kids of late eightiess cycling. At least I thought so at the time.

It might not be Tour season quite yet, and it might not be anytime soon…but who wouldn’t enjoy a nice, fun racing game? Especially when in lockdown with your kids and your access to the beautiful landscapes of France is, well, limited 🙂

Of course, being from Bretagne, both an amazing cycling territory and the most beautiful coastline known to man, we perfected the absolutely unbeatable cycling “board game” a long time ago: the BEACH!

Looking into what is out there on the subject, I came across a whole website of cycling board games through the ages. So I thought I’d add a personal contribution to the list.

It’s a cycling racing game so the idea is fairly simple: go from point A to point B and preferably get there first. Great idea, but still room for improvement, right? To make it more entertaining, you will be managing a team of 3 racers to whom you will allocate competence points in three fields: sprint(sprint), stamina (endurance), and climbing (grimpeur). You will then have to monitor the consumption of these competences to make sure your racers don’t blow before the finish line!

A funkadelic race course!

To get the race started…

  • Get a couple of 6-sided dice, if you can’t get a 12 sided one,
  • find 3 tokens for each player and a few additional tokens for the Speed Wheel,
  • download the rules here,
  • make yourself a speed wheel, or just use the one here,
  • download the team management sheets, for teams blue, yellow, green, and red, or make your own at home (would love to see other players share some different designs!)
  • download some some race tracks here, and here. Or make your own!

And as a good board game should have a good soundtrack, here are some suggestions:

If you have no beach available, get yourself some miniature cyclists, some chalk and draw your own L’Arrivée du Tour stage indoors, outdoors, wherever you can think of!

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